Sunday, 29 April 2007

Suffern Middle School in Second Life

An interesting blog from Peggy Sheehy at Suffern Middle School in New York, primarily because it shows real use of Second Life for learning by children.

I'm no expert, so I can't comment on the pedagogic aspects of what appears to be happening there, but it is very nice just to see practical examples of learners in world and engaging with each other.

Good stuff...

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! said...

Though most of the content is by Liu and there aren't a lot of participants, there is indeed a surprisingly large amount of content in there for what is a 27 minute session.

The log and using SL itself do show up some limitations with communication, especially text-based conversations. A proper way of doing multi-threaded conversations, with a management tool that is light enough to use while involved in several threads, would be a useful addition.