Sunday, 22 July 2007

Other news just in...

I've added an 'Other Second Life news' section to this blog (see the bottom end of the right-hand panel). This is somewhat experimental and might get removed again. I've done it by aggregating about 20 other SL-related feeds using Blastfeed (one of which is a Yahoo Pipe to select the SL-related postings in the eFoundations blog), then embedding the resulting RSS feed here using the standard Blogger 'layout' tool.

Blogger limits the number of posts it shows to the 5 most recent - which, given the rate of traffic on the aggregated feed, may well be too few. We'll see. I'd be interested in feedback on this feature.


Peter Miller said...

Might be worth trying FeedJournal for the full monty.

Peter Miller said...

Bit cryptic that comment. FeedJournal lets you take multiple RSS feeds and generate a newspaper-style pdf from them. I guess there are all sorts of ip issues with that and it is commercial software. Still, I found it to be a surprisingly effective way to browse a SL RSS compilation before the trial period ran out.

Ramon Guiu said...

Hi Peter,

May I ask why you use Yahoo Pipes and Blastfeed and not just one or the other to do the task?

We have recently released a new service: rollSense.
The goal of rollSense is to create a sort of smart blogroll. In short, it allows you to define your blogroll and create a widget that will recommend to your readers articles in your blogroll that are similar to the post they are reading in your website. You can see an example here (the rollSense widget is on the right sidebar). Feel free to give it a try if you are interested.