Friday, 16 November 2007

RICH 2007

Eduserv Island played host to the RICH 2007 conference today. This is a real-life medical conference on the treatment of hernias, held in Rotterdam in the Netherlands, but the organisers wanted to demonstrate the potential value of using Second Life as an additional venue.

The audio and video stream from the venue was very good, though we hit the (apparently known) SL bug that the stream appears inverted for some users. In the end, I vertically flipped the media texture on the main projection screen (which worked for most of the virtual delegates) leaving the side screens the wrong way up for most people, but the right way up for those people without the problem (if you see what I mean).

Having multiple screen in the same venue is quite useful for just this situation.

There weren't too many virtual delegates but enough to make it worthwhile I think.

I took a few photos during the morning session - I didn't have time to stick around all day. Rather than simply pick one to show here, I've mashed them together using Animoto (what a great tool!). Here's the result:

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