Tuesday, 26 February 2008

That Hamlet moment...

Read this humming Air on a G String...

Joff Fassnacht has sent an email to the SECONDLIFE@jiscmail.ac.uk mailing list, announcing various performances of Hamlet Act 1, Scene 1 in Second Life:
... the SLShakespeare company will be performing Act1 Scene1 of Hamlet at the SLGlobe on Sliterary from this Thursday.

This is a live performance, no bots, so anything can , and quite possibly will, happen. It is free and seating is on a first come first served basis but the theatre can in theory hold up to 300 (though if that doesn't crash the system nothing will.)

Please note times are SLT so add 8 hours for UK times, yes the first performance is 2am Thursday night.

SLSC Thursday, Feb 28: 6 PM
Fri, Feb 29: 3 PM
Sat, Mar 1: 11 AM
Sun, Mar 2: 1 PM
Mon, Mar 3: 11 AM
Tues, Mar 4: 6 PM
Weds, Mar 5: ---
Thurs, Mar 6: 3 PM
Fri, Mar 7: 1 PM
Sat, Mar 8: 6 PM
Sun, Mar 9: 3 PM
I'm not sure if this is a chat or voice production?

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