Saturday, 5 May 2007

My first YouTube video

I've just uploaded my first video to YouTube. Nothing very exciting I'm afraid, just an explanation of how to see and hear streaming media. The soundtrack is also rather bizarre, but I felt it needed something to cover up my voice(!) and this was the first public domain MP3 track I found.

You'll also note that YouTube uses the opening frame as the static shot of the video. In this case, the opening frame is blank... so in future I need to work on getting a sensible opening shot to make the video content more obvious to potential viewers. Also, my laptop tends to create videos in wide screen format by default, which then get squished in 4:3 aspect ratio at some point in the uploading to YouTube process.

Still, it was fun to put together. For those with a technical interest, I captured the video using FRAPS, the soundtrack using Audacity and edited it all together using Windows Movie Maker.


! said...

Hello from the not-quite-yet independent republic of Scotland.

Video is fine and easy to follow. Though the strange Hawaiian music was offputting.

Went to the conference centre and followed it through; old video of "Classroom training" all fine. It's burning up my 1Mb noddy broadband connection; my PC sounds like it's about to take off :-)

BJ said...

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