Thursday, 17 May 2007


OK, so it is now fairly public knowledge that I'm a cobbler in SL. (Yes, I'm aware that some people think I've talked cobblers for years!). News about this seems to cause much merriment for the people who know me in the education community. I'm not totally clear why, but I can see the funny side.

For example, Lisa Gray from the JISC came up to me the other day and said she had been hearing strange rumours about my activities in SL. Blimey... I think I could be doing much worse things!

For the record, I started making shoes simply to see how easy (or not) it is to make money out of SL. Answer: yes, it is possible. I'm not making a fortune, but I am covering Art Fossett's subscription and land use costs pretty much - which can't be a bad thing.

As far as I know, I've so far managed to keep my Art Fossett identity completely separate from my other SL identity (my cobbler 'alt') but I could be wrong. No-one that I know of has worked out who or what my virtual shoe business is. And I'm happy to keep it that way. There is, I think, one public bit of information out there on the Internet that joins the two together. I'm not going to say what, but it shouldn't be too hard for some budding Morse to work out.

How about I give L$2000 (roughly a pint?) to the first person that IMs my other avatar with the statement "you are Art Fossett and I claim my L$2000".


! said...

Interesting blog labels :-)

In the last day, 4 avatars have approached me to claim I am "Art Fossett".

Can I point out that SILVERSPRITE HELSINKI, who I am, is NOT Mr Fossett. Thanks.

But if you want to approach me in SL (or RL) to talk about the educational applications of SL, then that's fine.

Andy Powell said...


sunny100 said...

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