Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Second Lives - BBC Radio 4 Book of the Week

Book of the Week on BBC Radio 4 this week is Second Lives by Tim Guest, which I happened to catch in the car this morning, driving back from a failed attempt to get the air con in my car fixed :-(

Very listenable (is that a word??). The are 5 daily episodes which will remain available for 7 days after broadcast.


! said...

Yes, I caught this last night on the radio and was gobsmacked. Turned over to radio 4 after the midnight news and thought, hang on, he's describing Edward Castronova's seminal paper on virtual world economics?!!

A lot of it seemed to be airy vague soundbites abridged for a Radio 4 audience possibly more used to extracts from the latest Booker prize winner (suspect Tim had some more meatier material in his book that was deemed too heavy for 12:30am).

But it's kinda progress that it was broadcast in that slot. And not the usual mass media prelude to "virtual worlds make you an obese loner" etc.

In next weeks Radio 4 "book of the week", Lorcan will be describing the development of the Warwick Framework, and the impact of Dublin Core on MARC records...

Art Fossett said...

Ah, sorry... I would listen (of course) but I'm otherwise engaged!