Wednesday, 26 March 2008


I knew I was in the wrong when I used Linden Lab's hand/eye logo as part of the logo for my Second Friends Facebook application. Dunno why I did it, apart from the fact that it looked quite nice.

Oh well, with the dawning of the InSL era, I've had to redesign everything :-(

The new logo doesn't look to bad, though it's not as nice as the version with the SL hand. Such is life I suppose.

I don't mind being told that I can't use their logo (I did try asking if it was OK but never got a reply) and I recognise that it was my bad for using it in the first place. Sorry LL. But I do object to being told how to write 'Second Life'. It's a dumb move by LL and I don't understand it. Remember when Google tried to tell us that we couldn't use 'google' as a verb' Well, duh!

MindBlizzard has a nice summary of some of this.

Stop press: I'm hearing rumors via Twitter of a blog strike if LL don't clarify the situation in the near future.

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