Thursday, 6 March 2008

Smoking my cigar

Oh dear! It really was a Hamlet moment and if I owned a cigar I would have ended up smoking it.

Whilst I applaud the SL Shakespearians for their attempt to put on Act 1 Scene 1 of Hamlet at the SL Globe, I can't help thinking that all they've done is demonstrate how far we are from being able to realise this kind of production in the SL environment currently.

Not that it is in any way their fault... but the combination of lag and the current state of the SL voice client meant that SL just wasn't up to it.

I'm sure that there are interesting theatrical things that could be done in SL, probably based on some combination of improvised chat and dynamic object creation, but this wasn't it.

I watched and listended painfully for a few minutes, then gave up. It's not even worth showing you a photo... nothing had rezzed properly by the time I left, at least not in my client.

Sorry... did other people have a good time?

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