Tuesday, 5 December 2006

OpenStudio exhibition - 2 Dec until 23 Dec

I'm very pleased to announce the first full exhibition in ArtsPlace SL, a small selection of work from the MIT OpenStudio project. The exhibition is upstairs at ArtsPlace SL and will run between 2 December and 23 December.
OpenStudio is web + art + community + economics. It is an open ended experiment that couples a very simple drawing tool with an economy of artists, curators, collectors, dealers and viewers. Members can create and modify drawings, set prices and licenses, exchange and exhibit work, view financial records, and commission one another. Because OpenStudio is experimental, we continually add features and take others away. We know that the system is not perfect, but it was never meant to be. Please enjoy it as it is with its quirks.

The exhibition features nine works, selected purely according to my personal taste, but taken together these nine work well as an introduction to what can be found elsewhere in OpenStudio.

Please feel free to pay ArtsPlace SL a visit and see for yourself...

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