Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Scientific Researchers and Web 2.0: Social 'NotWorking'?

Nature Publishing Group and the BL have got together to organise an event that will be streamed into Second Life looking at how researchers can use Web 2.0.  The event will feature Dr Timo Hannay of NPG.

It takes place tomorrow (Weds, 24th Sept 2008) and starts at 18.00 (UK time).

Virtual World Watch

I got some new Virtual World Watch project Moo cards this morning ready for handing out at my SL for events talk on Thursday.  Virtual World Watch is being funded by Eduserv as a continuation of the snapshots that we've funded over the last year or so.  The work will continue to be undertaken by Silversrite Helsinki.

The cards came very quickly (much sooner than advertised).  If I'd known how quick they'd arrive I'd have spent more time designing them!

Oh well... they'll do the job I guess.

Friday, 19 September 2008

Using SL to support events

I'm speaking at a JISC Services skills event in Oxford next week about how virtual worlds such as Second Life can be used to support events.

I plan to do the whole talk in-world, to give the RL audience a better feel for what is possible.

I'll be using in-world voice and will provide an in-world copy of my slides.  It would be great to have a SL audience as well, particularly if you are willing to offer your views on what is good and bad about virtual world events.  I'll allow plenty of time for some RL/SL cross-over discussion at the end.  (We'll probably use chat for the discussion part).

My talk will be on Thurs 25th Sept and will start at 15.30 (UK time - UTC+1) and run for about an hour.  I'll be in the Virtual Congress Centre on Eduserv Island.

Hope to see you there...