Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Big red button

There are a couple of big red buttons on Eduserv Island, which are there so that people visiting the island can attract our attention when we are not in-world.

The buttons work, in the sense that an email is sent to us every time someone presses the button.

The buttons don't work, in the sense that we often don't respond. I apologise for that.

Part of the problem is that I have to shut down MS-Office before running the SL client, then wait for SL to start, then find my way to the right place on Eduserv Island. 9 times out of 10 I'm too late and have missed whoever it was pressing the button. I usually end up sending them some kind of lame IM apology :-(. Lately I've given up even doing that much.

My plan is to replace the big red buttons with TwitterBots - in-world devices that will twitter direct to us, allowing us to converse with visitors to the island even when we are not in-world - a kind of SL/RL intercom.

Of course, I/we reserve the right to ignore you via twitter as well! :-)


Jenny Delasalle said...

Hi Art/Andy

How are you getting on with the Twitterbot. I popped in to SL to see it today but noticed that it was "OFF". Presumably it is only "ON" when you're around to answer?


Matthew said...

Have you tried Sleek?


It's not much good for moving around, but fine for quick IM's or chats, and should start nice and quickly without shutting down Office!