Saturday, 21 July 2007


...everybody needs good neighbours ...nah de nah de nah de nah, nah. Oops, sorry. Can't stand the show myself!

You may recall that I've had 'problems' with neighbors before. Well, I obviously don't learn very fast.

When I first purchased Eduserv Island I ummed and ahhed for a while about where to put it... on its own somewhere out at sea, or co-located with the 'InfoIsland' archipelago. I chose the latter, admittedly against the advice of some, who suggested that being on our own would leave more options open for expansion, etc.

So... for a while we were on our own, clear sea between us and the next nearest island within the 'info' group. Now that has changed :-(. Recent re-organisations mean that we have a couple of islands right next to us, one of which is Imagination Island. Nothing personal... but it's a bit like a fairground. Not that I have anything against fairgrounds you understand, but normally they only stick around for a week or so before moving on. I could live with that. I used to love the open, uncluttered views that we had.

I've raised a ticket with Linden Lab to see if there is some way of moving our island to clear water. I'm happy to pay. Not heard back yet but I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

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! said...

Even in Second Life there is NIMBYism :-)