Sunday, 21 January 2007

LoopRez and buildings

I've been messing around a little with LoopRez over the weekend, seeing what it can do with buildings.

LoopRez is a neat little SL script which takes an object (any object) and repeats it in a circular or elliptical pattern. It's very easy to use, though tweaking the parameters to get the right results can take some time.

Here's what I came up with by repeating the object above ten times in a circle...

Note that by removing the roof prims from the resulting building, it is easy to build up multiple-floors...

By the way, this is the kind of thing that happens when you get the LoopRez parameters wrong! :-)

As an aside, I did nearly all the building for this in the Berkman Sandbox. I, and a few others round me, suffered a brief interlude of griefing (pushing and barging with sparks!) which was quite entertaining, at least at first. :-)

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Ged Larsen said...

Very nice building! I'm glad you found the script helpful.

My original thought in writing LoopRez was actually to do exactly what you did -- to create on the scale of buildings. I never did get around to it, but it's great to see what nice work you did.