Friday, 5 January 2007

WPA Poster Exhibition

The WPA poster collection exhibition went live on target (Jan 4th), although I confess that I've added a set of four display boards about the WPA since then.

I think the exhibition works quite well, though I would have liked to make it more interactive. I anyone reading this has any ideas for how the exhibition could be improved I'd be interested to hear about them. For example, if I had more skills in the animation creation business, I'd consider adding some kind of animated exhibit about how the silk screen printing process works.

The exhibition consists of 51 posters, arranged on 8 display boards inside and outside on the upper floor of ArtsPlace SL. Each poster can be clicked on to retrieve a notecard containing a cut-down version of the Library of Congress catalogue entry for that poster.

There is also a general introduction to the collection as a whole.

Over the weekend I've also added four display boards that provide an introduction to the WPA. This is particularly useful for non-US residents, like myself, who may well have never heard of the WPA. The text is taken more or less directly from the Wikipedia page about the WPA - therefore, I take no responsibility for its correctness. Though, to be honest, I don't have any significant concerns in that direction - I have a lot of faith in the collective knowledge that builds Wikipedia.

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catherine said...

Really nice exhibit! You might want to check out linking to MoMA's online exhibit on printmaking at
It is very interactive and informative and perhaps would make a great reference for your exhibit visitors.
Catherine Chenille (SL)