Sunday, 7 January 2007

New ArtsPlace SL building

One of the things I had to do over the Christmas break was to redesign ArtsPlace SL from the ground up. My previous design was very inefficient in its use of prims, which meant that there were very few left over for actually building the exhibitions.

In the new design I was much more careful about slotting prims together carefully, in order to minimise the number used. Basically, I've come up with a modular design, three same shape building blocks fitting together to create the new overall shape - two downstairs, one up.

Before building I also re-landscaped the ground, giving a nicer sloping area, meaning that the new building is at ground level on one side, but raised up on the other.

I also had an issue with lighting in the old building. I tried (and failed) to use lots of small light blocks, each one over one of the exhibits. In the new ArtsPlace SL, I've simply resorted to making the whole of the upstairs ceiling into a light source. This gives ample light on both floors after dark.

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