Monday, 24 December 2007

JISC online conference e-books

Via the Learning From Online Worlds; Teaching In Second Life blog I notice that JISC have made available two e-books that contain the proceedings of their online conference 'Innovating e-Learning 2007: Institutional Transformation and Supporting Lifelong Learning' which was held earlier this year. I ran a session on Second Life as part of the conference.

The results of this session and the ensuing discussion are available in the Institutional transformation [PDF] e-book. I'm not sure who has pulled all this material together but they've done a pretty good job. Thanks!

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Peter Miller said...

Yes, a good read all round, not just for SL. Presumably the credit lies with Geoff Minshull and Judith Mole for editing and, of course, the numerous presenters and facilitators, including Art Fossett.