Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Theatron 3 - wow!

Wow, as in amazing - not as in World of Warcraft!

I popped over to Theatron island last night (Theatron 3 being one of the SL projects that we funded this year), just to have a quick look-see at what is happening.

They are building a huge amphitheatre of some kind (shown here). It's not ready yet, but the scale is amazing and one can imagine that the finished article will really give virtual visitors a nice feel for what the original would have been like.

Keep up the good work guys...

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Unknown said...

Hi, I'm the builder on the Theatron project with Beta Technologies and King's College, UK. I noticed your blog post as I was grabbing links for an update of my portfolio. Glad you like the work so far :)

The build currently on the sim is the ampatheatre of Epidaurus, in ancient Greece. Two theatre builds have allready been completed: the Festspielhaus Hellerau of Dresden, Germany and the Theatre of Pompey from ancient Rome. The project consists of 18 historical buildings to be built over the course of as many months, which can be rezed one at a time on each of the two Theatron sims. Eventual plans include museum-style exibits and actual performances held in the space.

~Elle Pollack