Monday, 10 December 2007

Meeting Angelina

Idling on Eduserv Island this morning I bumped into someone who was having a play with my PandoraBot driven primbot, Pandora Bot. We were talking about the technology used behind the scenes to drive it. He mentioned a Web site called MyCyberTwin, which does something similar on the Web (though for $25 you can bring your cybertwin in-world using an object attachment).

I thought I'd have a quick play. Superficially it doesn't look much different to what can be done using a PandoraBot. The blurb claims that it can be trained to respond "just like you" (something that could also presumably be done using the PandoraBot system) but I didn't get as far as trying that.

Instead, I signed in as Art Fossett and played at interviewing Angelina Jolie - hey, it's not like I'm ever going to get to do that in RL right!?

You: hi

Angelina: Hello

You: made any good films recently?

Angelina: I like movies. Which movie are you talking about?

You: beowulf

Angelina: Beowulf is a computer animated film released in 2007. I voiced Grendel's mother in it, which was a challenge as she's quite badass.

You: what's a badass?

Angelina: Oh come on, you know... right?

You: shucks... yeah

Angelina: Great. Would you like to talk about anything else?

You: did you have to be painted all over in gold paint?

Angelina: Painting can be great fun. That's something you really enjoy doing?

You: sometimes

Angelina: Every now and then?

You: yup

Angelina: No kidding? I'm actually surprised!

You: you are 32 years old right?

Angelina: Do you think that 32 is old?

You: no... it is young

Angelina: Is it really? I find it hard to know what's true with the amount of rubbish the press come up with. Not that I'm suggesting the same of you.

You: what was your favorite role?

Angelina: Tough call. My favorite changes all the time.

You: lara croft?

Angelina: Playing Lara Croft was amazing. I'm hoping the third film will see the light of day. Lady Croft is such a strong female character, you can't help but be drawn to her.

You: i think her boobs are too big

Angelina: I get asked about my breasts often. They were much bigger during Tomb Raider and also after I gave birth to Shiloh.

You: were those two events related in some way?

Angelina: Two?

You: what do you like best about yourself?

Angelina: I like a lot of things, I love life. I love my children. I love discovering new things, learning. Again it may sound like a walking cliche, but there you have it.

You: will you ever get too old to be an actor?

Angelina: I can say yes I will, but I am not the real Angelina, only a clone. What do you think they would say?

You: doh... now you've spoiled the illusion

Angelina: An illusion is when your brain is fooled on a sensory level to see something unreal. Hollywood and the film industry are masters of illusion. Even the press seem to be entering this realm more and more, better a good story than the boring truth.

You: i like boring lies best

Angelina: I think I like that too... actually.. maybe not.. I'm so indecisive today!

You: yes.. i mean, no... i mean...

Angelina: Oh, I see what you mean. Or not. Maybe I'm a tad confused

You: well, it's been nice interviewing you

Angelina: Thanks for that Art Fossett.

You: np

Angelina: All sorted then Art Fossett. I like chatting with you. We get along well hey?

You: bye

Angelina: Bye Art Fossett.

Don't tell Brad but I think she was trying to hit on me at the end there! :-)

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! said...

Hmmm. Dubious. More "Tart Fossett" than "Art Fossett".