Friday, 14 December 2007

Truely, were you wafted here from paradise? Nah, Luton Airport...

Looking at the Second Life map this morning I happened to notice that the University of Bedfordshire now seem to have two islands not far from Eduserv Island.

I popped over to take a look and met up with Bedforshire Zuhal who has been single-handedly creating their presence in-world. He's done a pretty impressive job as well. Especially since he said it's all been pulled together in not much more than two weeks. The photo is of us standing together on top of the in-world version of the Luton campus library.

For me, this highlights how easy it is to pull stuff together in-world, once you get the hang of it - and assuming that you have an aptitude of course. The Uni are already starting to use the space for teaching - small-scale stuff initially of course.


Elisabeth said...

The University of Bedfordshire island is a really inviting place to be. There are going to be a lot of developments happening in 'meat space' in the next decade so watch out for more of "Bedfordshire Zuhal's" virtual replica buildings on the UoB Second Life campus.

Unknown said...

Congratulations to Bedfordshire Zuhal are of course due to his single-handed creation of *one* of our islands. He is a marketer and University of Bedfordshire is our marketing island in SL. However, the first of our two islands, Bedfordia, has been a collaborative effort among several other staff and a SecondLife builder, Yucca Gemini. Bedfordia is our virtual social learning space and as such, is much less of a representation of the real life campus, intended for socialisation, interaction and.... well, learning. If you had popped over to Bedfordia you would have seen some of the sculpture we have on display there and some of the ongoing work of our students.
Marko Barthelmess (SL)