Friday, 3 August 2007

Centre for Information Literacy Research office opening on Eduserv Island

I attended, and briefly spoke at, the opening of the Centre for Information Literacy Research office on Eduserv Island earlier today - an event organised by Sheila Webber (Director of CILR). This is a newly formed centre within the Department of Information Studies at the University of Sheffield. We have offered them an office on the island, which ties in quite nicely with our other information literacy interests.

They define information literacy as:
the adoption of appropriate information behaviour to obtain, through whatever channel or medium, information well fitted to information needs, together with critical awareness of the importance of wise and ethical use of information in society
I'm very happy that they are using our space. We have 7 other empty offices currently if anyone is interested - which it would be good to fill with people / organisations / activities that mesh with our charitable objectives and interests.

As I said during my talk:
Information Literacy touches almost all areas of our digital lives, including our second lives. So I'm really keen to see what comes of the CILR activities here and I hope we can find ways of working with Sheila and colleagues more in the future.

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