Tuesday, 14 August 2007


It seems to me that creativity is the key to what makes Second Life the place it is so I think that the NMC were spot on in choosing it as the subject for their week-long in-world symposium. If you don't believe me I urge you to go to any sandbox in SL, sit around for a while and watch what people are creating.

A video of Larry Johnson's keynote, Why creativity matters, is now available. In some ways it's quite a laid-back, measured presentation - delivered with a gentle style that is very easy to listen to. Worth the 30 minutes or so that it tales to watch. Johnson highlights 3 key aspects of SL as:
  • a social platform (the growth of which has happened in parallel with the growth of social platforms on the Web),
  • a user-built embodiment of self-expression and dynamism,
  • an inherently expressive environment.
He leaves us with the exhortation that we need to make our spaces in SL places where creativity flourishes. I certainly agree with that.

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