Friday, 10 August 2007

Hacienda revisited

The proposed UK Educators voice trial in the SL Hacienda yesterday failed miserably because of very long login times to SL which, AFAIK, stopped a lot of people getting in-world in time. Either that or no-one was interested!


Anyway, we've agreed to do the same thing next week - same day, same time. See the Facebook event page for details.

As it happens, I accidentally went into the SL Hacienda again last night and bumped into the owner and a couple of her mates. They didn't seem to like me very much, taking the piss out of my jesus sandals and general appearance somewhat remorselessly.

I took it in good spirit, though it felt slightly over the top, coming from people I didn't know - one of whom was both fat and blue! Luckily I had my fat and green avatar to hand (the one I use in my SL in 3600 seconds presentation). They seemed to cheer up when I changed into that.

I explained that we wanted to use their venue for a meeting. They seemed a little bemused, but generally agreeable and I left on good terms - I'm now a proud member of the 'Hacienda Crew' SL group.

All's well that ends well as they say.


Peter Miller said...

I got in about 5pm and had a brief interchange with a female avatar also there for the meeting before a RL colleague turned up. If I turn up again next week I won't be able to use the voice test excuse again. ;-)

Ade said...

Was in the Hac yesterday with Ali-Marie and Ruby Rickenbacker the owner showed up. "What do you UK Educators educate then eh ... don't want you using this place as a canteen" and such like. Generally unwelcome. Interesting that Manchester second night life is as dodgy as the first. Hope next week goes OK. How do you throw a punch in SL btw?

PeteJ said...

I had half-written a reply to your earlier post to say that it might be perceived as perhaps slightly "impolite" for a group that wasn't associated with the club to advertise the use of their space which (I assume) is really intended for music for a test of voice.

So I suppose I can sort of understand the reaction!