Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Wanted: rotation expert

The last thing I have to do on the prim front is to make its arms make a typing movement whenever it is chatting. Should be pretty easy.
Good grief... how wrong was I? So far, I've managed to get one of Pandora Bot's arms to move up and down, but it is not exactly a smooth motion and it doesn't look much like typing. I know what I need to do - I need to get the forearm to rotate around the elbow. But doing that simple task is proving to be pretty complicated. Dunno if it is just me being thick but I cannot get my head around how to rotate an object correctly using LSL.

Any pointers to a good tutorial or examples would be very welcome.


Art Fossett said...

I've carried on with my original approach, which was basically to manually position the forearm in various positions, note down the coordinates and rotations, and then use llSetPos llSetRot to jump between them.

It's not fantastic but it is just about workable I think.

Now that both arms are moving it does just about look like a typing action.

Peter Miller said...

I was going to suggest some alternatives -- after all it is a robot so one could forgive it for doing something different. I like the idea of finger tips that light up, visible cogs moving in its head or maybe a suitably labelled hat that rotates. OK, that's all a bit outside the "box". I've lost the link but others who dislike the typing anim have suggested thought bubbles, hand on chin in contemplation, and I think I've seen head scratching too (though maybe that was lice?).

Chris said...

HI Art,

Have you seen Puppeteer? Seems to be designed for just this sort of thing.

There's a free version available at: