Monday, 13 August 2007

Where's my avatar's OpenID?

I blogged here about OpenID and group membership and hinted that Second Life needs to support OpenIDs. Wouldn't it be neat if Second Life functioned as an OpenID provider, offering every avatar an OpenID URL such as

or somesuch? This would be particularly useful for those of us that blog using our avatar names.

As far as I can tell, it would be relatively easy for Linden Lab to support. Now, I just need to work out how to suggest it to them?


Peter Miller said...

Did you notice SignpostMarv's blog at where he mentions SLOpenID as a discussion topic?

Art Fossett said...

Hmmm, no I hadn't spotted that.

I met briefly with SignPostMarv and he seems convinced that LL aren't interested in supporting OpenID directly. Unfortunately, the phone rang halfway thru our chat and I had to leave :-( Never found out what SLOpenID is.

I'll hopefully get another chance to talk to him about this at some point.

Peter Miller said...

Will the day come, I wonder, when people ignore the phone in favour of ongoing conversations in SL?

SignpostMarv said...

Just a heads up, Linden Lab have been working on an OpenID server, but were having difficulty getting it to function the way they wanted it to.

I of course got there first. Twice :-P

Matthew said...

There's apparently some work which may lead to OpenID support - see