Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Avatar aging

SignpostMarv Martin suggests Hair Plug, an open standard for dynamic prim hair, noting that if it existed the following hair-related scenarios would be possible:
  • a Hair Plug wig could grow over time, and need to be trimmed
  • require regular maintenance, especially for more complex styles:
    • Watch your avatar let it's hair down to retie a pony tail
    • See loose strands of hair start to form, then use a brush & some hair spray to get rid of the strand
    • Shampoo greasy hair
  • Hair that goes gray as your avatar gets older
Neat idea.

But why not go further... how about an llSetAppearance() function in LSL that would allow a scripted object to gradually fatten your avatar over time unless it gets enough walking exercise :-)

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Anonymous said...

Your "llSetAppearence()" suggestion would unfortunately not happen, as it gets into the realm of dynamic assets.

A little background info on the "dynamic assets" issue:

With the current asset system, all assets are static- e.g. can't be changed once they've been created.

One of the things that has annoyed LSL developers for quite a while now is the inability to use LSL to create or modify a notecard.

Similarly, when you modify your appearance, it creates a new asset instead of modifying the old one. This is why, that in order to change your shape, you have to either enter appearance mode (automatically changing assets), or change the body shape (manually changing assets).

However, it would be possible to do what you're suggesting with primitars :-)