Wednesday, 16 January 2008

NMC Virtual Reality Room demo

I popped over to NMC yesterday to see their demo of Stephane Zugzwang’s Virtual Reality Room which is now being made available free for educational use. The turnout was very impressive - 70 or so while I was there and another 40 in a second session apparently.

Suffice to say that I got there too late - the place was heaving. Trying to teleport direct to the sim failed miserably but I managed to sneak in by teleporting to a neighboring sim, and then flying over.

Once there, I couldn't work out how to get inside the room :-(, so I just used my camera control to take this one shot. Unfortunately I couldn't hear anything. Not to worry... CBD's write-up and audio is sufficient.

I went back later and had another look when it was less busy. Impressive stuff. Not dissimilar to the urban bubbles that are available on Second Nature but free for people to experiment with themselves.

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