Thursday, 10 January 2008

RSS feed for Torley's Tips of the Week

An RSS feed for Torley's Tip of the Week videos (linking to the lo-fi (in-world) version of each video) is available from

just in case anyone finds this useful. I had to create the feed by hand (well kinda by hand - I used the RSS-xpress tool at UKOLN to do it). Does a feed for these videos already exist somewhere?

I needed the feed because I have a generic(ish) tool for selecting and playing an in-world video from an RSS feed of available videos - it's what I use for the Teachers TV demo on Eduserv Island.

It'd be good if the RSS feed could be generated automatically in some way from the content of the Wiki (or vice versa I guess) but I'm not sure that is easily do-able?

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▓▒░ TORLEY ░▒▓ said...

Friendly greetings, Art! Thanks for doing this... I appreciate it! =) The good news is I've been working on regularly adding the Second Life Tip of the Week (and other Video Tutorials) to our official podcast, which is located at:


There's also a FeedBurner version (which may prove to be nicer/more useful in the future) here:


There appears to be an ordering error right now, but that should be fixed as soon as iTunes refreshes.

Have a good one!