Sunday, 20 January 2008

Houston, we have a problem

My second life is briefly on hold (well, hopefully it'll be brief)... I dunno quite what happened but one minute I was at SloodleMoot chatting to someone, then next my whole laptop had frozen into non-existence. I power-cycled and tried again, only to get the same thing about 10 minutes later.

Now whenever I try to run the Second Life client the whole laptop freezes as soon as it writes to the graphics card (immediately after the pre-caching phase). Same thing using the OnRez viewer.

I'm getting nowhere. I've installed the latest video and sound drivers from the manufacturer (I'm using an HP Compaq nx8220 with an ATI Radeon x600 video card if you are interested). I've uninstalled and re-installed the SL client. I've tried the Omega ATI drivers. I've cleaned up my registry. I've even de-fragged my hard disk!

Nothing doing. Ziltch.

Arghhh. Frustrating or what!?

1 comment:

Peter Miller said...

Erm, there's always AjaxLife and MovableLife though I must confess I only use them with alts at present and they aren't really a substitute.