Friday, 11 January 2008

WeGame, machinima and sheep

Torley Linden has written a useful review of WeGame - effectively a YouTube for gamers but with a free, lightweight, downloadable tool for creating machinima. Looks pretty neat so I thought I'd try it out.

As Torley says, it's very easy to register, install and configure the software and get going. 10 minutes and you'll have uploaded your first machinima. Looks useful for quickly recording events and the like, where you want more than just an image. Quality looks pretty good also - though the embedded version below doesn't look to have coped with my widescreen format (the version on the WeGame site is OK)..

Here's my first attempt showing firstly, the Machinima Commons stuff that I've added to Eduserv Island and secondly, some jet powered sheep (which I originally built so that Second Friends could throw them at each other, but which since seem to have gained a more animated life of their own).


Art Fossett said...

Possibly best not to label uploaded videos in WeGame as 'sheep' - doing do seems to bring in some undesirable related videos :-(

Peter Miller said...

Can you keep a local version or are you required to upload?

Art Fossett said...

Yes, a local version is saved as a .AVI file - so you can load that into a video editing application if you so choose.

Goldfinch Weatherwax said...

Hey, can we get to throw the sheep then? That is so neat! I met the sheep one day when I was visiting, thought tbey were pretty cool then. Linking them with the FB sheep and being able to throw them is such a lovley idea, Art!