Thursday, 10 January 2008

Selling land bought at auction

A few months back I bought some land via auction. I didn't really want the land, but I was interested in how the SL land auction system worked. Very smoothly as it turns out - so smoothly that I ended up buying something that I didn't really want :-)

For now, I've let one of my other avatars sell shoes from it...

I'd be happy to sell the land again except I can't work out how! It is still shown on the map as being auction land, and there's no 'sell' button on the 'About land...' dialog box?? If anyone knows how to fix this, please get in touch. Thanks.


Eloise said...

You might need to wait a day or two for the auction tag to go. If that doesn't happen, contact support and tell them the land is still tagged for auction despite the fact you bought it.

Art Fossett said...

Ah, thanks. I'll contact support because it has been a while since I bought the land.